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A research project in development at Brown University will evaluate the impacts of market forces and public policies on care for older Americans. One specific aim is to examine how residential segregation affects the provision of nursing home services. Prior research has documented the existence of different "tiers" of nursing home care that are related to poverty, a predominance of Medicaid supported residents and a disproportionate share of African American residents. This study seeks to identify the extent to which neighborhood segregation is associated with residential segregation in the nursing home which, in turn, is related to the quality of care provided to residents. PI of this portion of the project is Mary Fennell (Department of Sociology).

This webpage illustrates the phenomenon in the State of Georgia, and demonstrates how web-based GIS systems can be used to disseminate information about residential patterns and the location and quality of nursing homes. A similar system will be developed to cover the entire United States.

On the following page, use the map tools (located at the top of the screen) to zoom in and out, pan, and obtain information about specific neighborhoods and nursing homes. The HELP button provides instructions on these tools. Here is an example of a simple session:

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