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Alan Zuckerman

Political Science
  Research Interests:
Comparative Politics, the Social Context of Political Preferences, Choice, and Behavior; the Individual and the State in Established Democracies; and the Political Structure of Small Group.

ProfessorAlan Zuckerman's scholarship has focused on the analytical principles of comparative politics; the social context of political preferences, choice, and behavior; the individual and the state in established democracies; and the political structure of small groups. He applies diverse methodologies in his work, including field work, abstract analyses, and statistical techniques. Professor Zuckerman is the author, coauthor and co-editor of several books, including The Politics of Faction: Christian Democratic Rule in Italy; The Transformation of the Jews; Doing Political Science; Comparative Politics: Rationality, Culture, and Structure; and Politics in Italy: Emerging Themes and Institutional Responses. He has published numerous articles in the leading journals of political science, as well as monographs in the United States, Britain, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Israel on topics as diverse as the Holocaust, the political cohesion of households, political cleavages, the determinants of political preferences, voting in Israel, the comparative historical analysis of Jewish communities, party factions in Italy and Israel, and party identification. On June 2-4, 2002, he hosted a conference at Brown University on The Social Context of Politics, which will become an edited volume. The essays will cover theory, substance, and method.

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