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View Article "Mayor Michael Coleman points to a vacant lot at the corner of Cleveland and 11th avenues. ''A couple people got shot and killed there,'' he says ...Ten years ago, this gateway into a working-class black neighborhood in the nation's 15th-largest city ''was the definition of urban decay, blight and poverty,'' Coleman says. ." Poverty begins to lose its grip on some cities Studies show that the poor are less concentrated in urban areas, USA TODAY, May 19, 2003 Author: Dennis Cauchon
View Article "Poverty in the United States became far less concentrated in the 1990's as public housing projects were torn down and millions of poor people left urban slums for other neighborhoods, a new study of Census Bureau data says." Study Shows Poverty in U.S. Less Concentrated, The New York Times, May 18, 2003 Author: Robert Pear
View Article "The city is etched with boundaries and borderlands that appear on no maps, areas where income groups intersect, overlap, collide, coexist -- along lines drawn and redrawn by quirks of history, differences in housing stock, patterns of immigration and the economy's perpetual rise and fall." There Go the Neighborhoods: Rich and Poor, Side by Side The New York Times, March 5, 2003 Author: Janny Scott