US 2010: America in the First Decade of the New Century

US 2010 is a program of research on changes in American society in the recent past, led by project director John Logan, professor of sociology at Brown University. The project is supported by the Russell Sage Foundation and Brown University.

For the past 50 years, the Russell Sage Foundation has sponsored and produced well-respected, authoritative research on trends and changes in U.S. society using the decennial census.

US2010 continues that tradition, with a twist: The U.S. Census long form has been eliminated and the American Community Survey has emerged over the past few years as a major source of information about social and economic changes in American society.

Thus, US2010 report authors will draw heavily from data sources other than the census, including the ACS, Current Population Survey, and more specialized sources.

Over a two-year span, 14 research teams 26 researchers total from universities all over the U.S. will tackle a broad range of topics that impact all areas of American society.

They will release short briefs and a chapter-length report on their research areas, which include immigration, segregation, economics, education, aging, and the changing American family, among others.

The US2010 project will culminate with a book incorporating all these chapters, published by the Russell Sage Foundation.

US2010 Associate Director Brian Stults, an assistant professor of sociology at Florida State University, has primary responsibility for coordinating the use of the multiple datasets. Stults has been a co-investigator with John Logan on publications about neighborhood segregation.



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